QForm 10.2 Release Notes

2022-04-11 11:28


· Problem type Flow analysis mode that allows animating the metal flow through the tool

· Option to add specific Butt-end length for Whole billet length simulation type

· Default value of butt-end length which is equal to ⅙ of container diameter

· Value of Current butt-end length at Simulation state tab

· Possibilities to analyze back-end defects:

o billet skin analysis (billet skin contamination, coring)

o back-end layer analysis (coring, funnel)

· Automatically calculated variable time step for Whole billet length simulation type

· Time step multiplier affecting variable time step for Whole billet length simulation type

· Lua parameter for the Z coordinate of the lower level of Euler mesh

· Solution stage information at Simulation state tab describing the type of simulation of the active record:

o Simulation with rigid tool

o Simulation with deformable tool

o Tip flow simulation

o Whole billet simulation

o Flow through die set

· Record number within a specific stage at Simulation state tab

Heat treatment of extruded profiles

· Specialized module to simulate process of quenching of extruded profiles. It has the following key features:

o Adaptive simulation time step

o Fully automated mesh generator

o Comprehensive definition of sprayer properties: liquid flow rate, relative liquid flux set by distance from nozzle and in spray cross cut

o Option to apply puller at specific distance from the bearing exit

 o Option to create database of cooling systems, export and import them

o Option to use .dxf contours as initial geometrical data with uniform temperature distribution for an approximate setting of the cooling system

o Simulation of profile distortion

o Two types of sprayers: round and elliptical in spray cross cut


 · Object positioning:

o Interactive control for object movement and rotation

o Move objects in local or global coordinate systems

o Bind the positioning control to the nodes of the finite element mesh

o Move and rotate the object relative to their own axes

o Simplified and advanced object positioning modes

o Positioning mode could be activated either on the toolbar, or in the drop-down menu when right-clicking on an object in the results overview window, or by pressing the Ctrl + Space key combination

· Sectional view:

o Definition of section planes directly in the results overview window

o Control the orientation and position of the section planes with the interactive positioning control

o Manage the properties of sections in the object tree
o Two modes of sectional view: Section and Slice

o Visual trimming of traced objects when sectional view is activated

o Adaptive initial position of the newly created section plane

o Creating multiple section planes and an array of section planes

o Copying of section planes

o Saving the created section planes and their positioning history in the project file 

· Option to keep settings in Operation tab as defaults

· Option to save animation for the selected range of billets

· Option to approximate the experimental values of the workpiece material flow stresses by the Henzel-Spittel function

· Option to plot the field values along a specified line:

o straight line
o curve on the surface

o curve on the edge

· Option to smooth out the graphs

· Option to close certain windows in multi-window mode

· Auto-check of the availability of the new version of the program

· Option to open a qform file by dragging it to the QForm window



· Algorithms of surface meshing for the projects with symmetry condition

· Algorithm of applying .igs bearings

· Algorithm of finding the profile contours on tool

· Free length of Eulerian part of the profile is now optimally minimized

· Narrow faces are now can be shrunk simultaneously in case of multiple selection

· Overall volume meshing algorithms 


· Algorithm of initialisation of feeding channels

· Stop conditions are now applied to the number of records within the specific solution stage

of simulation

· Recording the intermediate thermal steps is now optional for the 2nd and further billets of

Whole billet length simulation type

· List of API functions is extended

· Capabilities of the object tree:

o Traced objects are shown

o Right-click menu options

· Phase transformation database is updated with thermo-elastic parameters for Al-alloys 

Resolved issues

· Fixed the problem of calculation of the thickness change distribution for whole billet length simulation type

· Fixed the problem when objects from denied for automatic correction could be modified

· Fixed the problem of forced applying the contours of support tools via QShape templates in case the corresponding check-box is disabled

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